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Cocktails and Dreams is Phuket’s premier ladyboy bar in Patong

Katoeys as they are known in Thailand are born male but live as females. Our ladyboy bar has a twice nightly cabaret show. Located in Soi Bangla in the heart of Patong’s entertainment area. This spectacular and unusual show attracts visitors from all over the world, many having never seen such amazing looking transvestites.

Ladyboys delight in dressing up, and as can be seen from our pictures, they look very impressive in their cabaret costumes.

We have some 20 ladyboy hostesses to help make your evening entertaining. As a tip, you should refer to the ladyboys in the feminine form: i.e. her/she. Thailand is much more tolerant of transsexuals than many western cultures, and using the masculine form of address can be construed as offensive.

It is polite to buy a Ladydrink for the bargirls if you intend to converse or play pool with them, but not obligatory.

Ladyboys are not to confused with crossdressers, as they live their lives completely as females. None of our katoeys have had SRS, and remain masculine in that respect. However, they consider themselves female in every other aspect of their lives.

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